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AE Industrial Partners收购HealthWay

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AE Industrial Partners是一家专注于航空航天和国防,发电和特种工业公司的美国私募股权投资公司.; _, ~: b$ r- Y
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AE Industrial Partners, LP ("AEI") has acquired HealthWay (or the “Company”), a global leader in air purification solutions for both commercial and residential settings. (aeroequity.com)# M. ]* t  K# }3 S1 y$ C
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AE Industrial Partners Acquires HealthWay, a Global Leader in Air Purification Technology Solutions

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September 30, 2021

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AE Industrial Partners Acquires HealthWay, a Global Leader in Air Purification Technology Solutions
The Firm’s New Platform Investment Offers a Range of Indoor Air Quality Solutions( P- t: d8 n% q7 V0 A* I6 x* z
for Both Commercial and Residential Settings
BOCA RATON, FL, September 30, 2021 – AE Industrial Partners, LP (“AEI”), a private equity firm specializing in Aerospace, Defense & Government Services, Space, Power Generation, and Specialty Industrial markets, announced today that it has acquired HealthWay (or the “Company”), a global leader in air purification solutions for both commercial and residential settings. HealthWay will serve as a new platform investment for AEI as the firm looks to invest in the indoor air quality solutions space. The acquisition of HealthWay represents AEI’s 14th platform investment in AE Industrial Partners Fund II, LP, which closed in 2018 with $1.36 billion in equity commitments.
HealthWay is an innovator in air purification technology solutions, developing new and improved ways to ensure the purity of indoor air while maximizing energy efficiency. The Company provides a comprehensive offering of modular, scalable, efficient, portable and in-line air cleaning solutions for any indoor environment, as well as replacement filters. HealthWay’s proprietary solutions feature its patented, state-of-the-art Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology, which has been proven to capture and permanently remove airborne viruses and bacteria. The Company’s solutions are used in a wide variety of settings where air quality is critical including schools, hospitals and healthcare settings, medical and manufacturing clean rooms, hotels, cruise ships, office buildings, and military locations. HealthWay brings its air purification technology solutions to market under three brands – HealthWay, Intellipure, and Pure Wellness – with each brand going to market independently and targeting unique customers and verticals. Based in Pulaski, New York, HealthWay is led by its founders Vince Lobdell and Vinny Lobdell, both of whom will remain with the Company.
AEI has also partnered with key industry executives to support HealthWay’s growth and will be strengthening its Board of Directors with the addition of Kelly Romano as Chairwoman of the Board, and Ed Cettina as Board Member. Ms. Romano, an AEI Operating Partner, has deep sector experience in the indoor air quality space, including over 30 years in executive roles at United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Mr. Cettina most recently was the Global COO of the Construction Management business of AECOM, and previously worked for 24 years in senior roles at Tishman Construction.
“As we learned first-hand over the last 18 months, guaranteeing the purity of indoor air is critically important to getting back to and maintaining ‘everyday’ life, and we are proud to invest in HealthWay, an innovator in the air purification industry,” said Kelly Romano, Operating Partner at AEI. “The air purification industry is at a long overdue inflection point, and we believe that building a platform featuring HealthWay’s differentiated technology with the global scale to reach all channels, sectors and customers will be a game-changer. With his 40 years of industry experience, Vince is a true leader in the space, and we’re excited to work with him and his team to capitalize on strong industry tailwinds.”
“We’re pleased to join the AE Industrial team and gain the needed resources to further invest in growth and innovation,” said Vince Lobdell. “Ensuring high levels of air quality is now considered a top priority for all organizations, whether it’s a school, office building, hospital or shopping mall. We have an incredible opportunity to leverage AE Industrial’s relationships and business acumen to increase market share and become a household name in air purification.”
“The time was right to find a partner who could help us reach the next level, and AE Industrial has the industry and operational expertise, and deep relationships needed to build a premier global air purification technology solutions platform,” said Vinny Lobdell.
“HealthWay has been ahead of the curve in developing the most cutting-edge technology, which has led to its unmatched reputation for quality solutions and proven results among the world’s best known companies,” said Charlie Santos-Buch, Partner at AEI. “We’re proud to partner with HealthWay and are eager to capitalize on actionable opportunities to grow the Company.”
Kirkland & Ellis LLP served as legal advisor and Ernst & Young served as financial advisor to AEI. Elias Group LLP served as the legal advisor and Lincoln International served as financial advisor to HealthWay. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
About HealthWay1 _8 o2 J2 d# D/ m% c. |; V
Founded in 2004, HealthWay is a leader in innovative air purification technology solutions. The company’s industry-leading, patented Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology is used in schools, cleanroom applications, hospital surgical suites, commercial office buildings, hotels, and many mission-critical environments around the globe. For more information, please visit www.healthway.com.
About AE Industrial Partners
% c3 s+ H0 X8 a, A2 {  S) V4 PAE Industrial Partners is a private equity firm specializing in aerospace, defense & government services, space, power generation, and specialty industrial markets. AE Industrial Partners invests in market-leading companies that can benefit from our deep industry knowledge, operating experience, and relationships throughout our target markets. AE Industrial Partners is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. Learn more at www.aeroequity.com.

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waterok 发表于 2021-11-4 17:31
AE Industrial Partners收购了全球领先的空气净化技术解决方案HealthWay
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0 e  Q: E# v( [! n4 \, C2021年9月30日# f7 p% g  g8 z/ ~: j; }2 J8 }# W
AE Industrial Partners收购了全球领先的空气净化技术解决方案HealthWay
+ g! d" S6 c! I/ z3 u' ~6 N5 W$ a+ ^: n

/ n  _' I! Y" p1 e6 H8 @3 J; XAE Industrial Partners,LP(“AEI”),一家专门从事航空航天、国防和政府服务、航天、发电和特种工业市场的私募股权公司,今天宣布收购HealthWay(下称“公司”),一家全球领先的商业和住宅环境空气净化解决方案供应商。HealthWay将作为AEI的新平台投资,因为该公司希望投资室内空气质量解决方案领域。收购HealthWay是AEI对AE Industrial Partners Fund II,LP的第14次平台投资,该基金于2018年以13.6亿美元的股权承诺结束。
' [- y5 D, ]8 Z% ?6 X8 d9 ^5 o* d: |1 b) F- p1 c
HealthWay是空气净化技术解决方案的创新者,开发新的和改进的方法,以确保室内空气的纯度,同时最大限度地提高能源效率。该公司为任何室内环境提供模块化、可扩展、高效、便携式和在线空气净化解决方案,以及更换过滤器。HealthWay的专有解决方案以其专利、最先进的消毒过滤系统(DFS)技术为特色,该技术已被证明能够捕获并永久清除空气中的病毒和细菌。该公司的解决方案广泛应用于空气质量至关重要的各种环境中,包括学校、医院和医疗环境、医疗和制造业洁净室、酒店、游轮、办公楼和军事场所。HealthWay将其空气净化技术解决方案分为三个品牌推向市场——HealthWay、Intellipure和Pure Wellness,每个品牌都将独立上市,并瞄准独特的客户和垂直市场。总部位于纽约普拉斯基的HealthWay由创始人文斯·洛戴尔(Vince Lobdell)和维尼·洛戴尔(Vinny Lobdell)领导,两人都将留在公司。
/ e) H* r3 g: S3 p/ m, R4 w. J' v- C- Q4 b. z: ]. ^1 }8 D* {* F
AEI还与主要行业高管合作,支持HealthWay的发展,并将通过增加Kelly Romano担任董事会主席,Ed Cettina担任董事会成员来加强董事会。Romano女士是AEI的运营合作伙伴,在室内空气质量领域拥有丰富的行业经验,包括在联合技术公司(UTC)担任高管30多年。Cettina先生最近担任AECOM施工管理业务的全球COO,此前曾在Tishman Construction担任高级职务24年。
$ c4 r9 f& H, c& k
2 `- X* e$ i: S3 [AEI的运营合伙人凯利·罗马诺(Kelly Romano)表示:“正如我们在过去18个月里亲身了解到的,保证室内空气的纯度对于恢复和维持“日常”生活至关重要,我们很自豪地投资于空气净化行业的创新者HealthWay。”。“空气净化行业正处于一个早该出现的转折点,我们相信,建立一个以HealthWay的差异化技术为特色的平台,覆盖全球所有渠道、行业和客户,将是一个游戏规则改变者。凭借40年的行业经验,Vince是该领域真正的领导者,我们对此感到兴奋ed希望与他和他的团队合作,利用强大的行业顺风。”6 \7 w0 t5 p' e# J* h

/ V  Y5 d5 v: W; AVince Lobdell表示:“我们很高兴加入AE工业团队,获得进一步投资于增长和创新所需的资源。”。“确保高水平的空气质量现在被视为所有组织的首要任务,无论是学校、办公楼、医院还是购物中心。我们有一个极好的机会利用AE Industrial的关系和商业敏锐度来增加市场份额,并成为空气净化领域家喻户晓的品牌。”4 o; i% J: p; x

1 l) H; j( U4 O1 \: [Vinny Lobdell说:“现在是找到一个能够帮助我们达到下一个水平的合作伙伴的时候了,AE Industrial拥有行业和运营专业知识,以及建立卓越的全球空气净化技术解决方案平台所需的深厚关系。”。
* ^5 ]; s5 F3 {* q6 |4 g& D! N  K' |, Y9 t/ x* P
AEI合伙人Charlie Santos Buch表示:“HealthWay在开发最前沿的技术方面走在了前面,这使其在世界最知名的公司中获得了无与伦比的高质量解决方案和经验证的成果的声誉。”。“我们很荣幸能与HealthWay合作,并渴望利用可行的机会来发展公司。”/ U9 a7 B" j# O9 g1 P- i% C

8 S' e2 _0 w+ |' R9 H9 u+ Z7 nKirkland&Ellis LLP担任AEI的法律顾问,安永担任AEI的财务顾问。Elias Group LLP担任HealthWay的法律顾问,Lincoln International担任财务顾问。交易条款未披露。
- H* y5 Q9 v, l. w
( ^; o$ k- g  L* Q- S# z* W关于HealthWay
, \' e! d( v) }' R6 E$ b" w
' t. x" i; g4 P9 wHealthWay成立于2004年,是创新空气净化技术解决方案的领导者。

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